Node App for Agencies

Scale your influencer marketing campaigns for clients
while saving time and money.

How Do We Support Agencies?

Grow Your Influencer Packages

Execute more influencer campaigns without spending extra time individually emailing and negotiating with content creators.

Generate Content On-Demand

Create campaigns in minutes and generate high-quality content that you can use to fuel your social feeds anytime.

7-Day Support

Contact us anytime. We work around the clock to keep our community informed and ensure that all of our nodes are running smoothly.

How it Works

1. Setup An Account for Your Client

Contact us to set up an agency account. We'll provide you with a discount and even guide you through creating a package for your clients.

2. Create Node Campaigns

It takes less than 5 minutes to create influencer campaigns. You can include a date range and geo-target specific influencers for your brand.

3. Recieve New Content

Influencers will produce a high-quality Instagram post that features your client, and it will be tracked on the Node App for you to access anytime.

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