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A dimly lit restaurant that has tables set in the cool and warm light.
Savory close-ups shots, witty food puns and eclectic reviews have become the secret to a creating a buzz-worthy restaurant. But how exactly has the trend of Instagrammers turned food reviewers, revolutionized the food and beverage scene?   5 KEY Stats on How Influencers Are Affecting Our Dining Decisions 71% of consumers are more likely to
An Influencer taking a picture of desserts.
Having trouble curating and producing photos that are ‘Instagrammable’? Keeping up with the current trends in social media can be difficult. Especially when you’re trying to model generate engagement similar to the likes of an inlfuencer. Here are some tricks of the trade, that Node has found to be the most successful in producing quality
Advice from an Instagram Influencer
Instagram has changed vastly over the past years, and it’s become the fastest growing social platform in the world. With Instagram evolving so quickly, I thought I would share a few growth-hacks I’ve learnt through A/B testing and managing my own influencer account @allyshayung. Some of these tactics have aided me, as well as other
Newspapers Feature of Node with a cup of tea and dessert.
Since launching the Node App beta in August (2018), we’ve received a few notable media features that we’re proud to share! Checkout the links below to read about Node in the media!   App connects Instagram influencers with restaurants offering freebies for posts “Our Instagram just blew up,” Grover said. “Influencers do have a big
Since launching our beta several weeks ago, we’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of demo requests from businesses. Thus we’ve decided to create a short explainer video that shows how restaurants, bars and cafes are able to create offers and attract influencers through the Node mobile app. Hopefully this video gives you a general idea