Node for Content Creators

Enjoy complimentary experiences at local restaurants and bars.

Note: Offers from local venues are called 'nodes'






How It Works


Get Verified

It can take up to 72 hours for new users to be verified. Once you're verified you'll have full access to Node.If you're not verified on your first attempt you can try again after 30 days.

Browse Nodes

Browse local offers from restaurants, bars and cafes. The venue always indicates what they're offering to content creators.

Claim Nodes

Press Claim on any node that you're interested in redeeming. If you're claiming a node, you'll be expected to redeem the offer before it expires. (note: not redeeming a claimed node may result in account suspension)

Visit the venue and enjoy!

Enjoy your complimentary offer at the venue, and remember to share a photo on Instagram afterwards.

Submit Your Posts

Your Instagram feed will be displayed automatically in your account. To submit photos or videos, visit the venue's page in the Pending tab and select the posts that were applicable to that node.

Beta App for Content Creators

Explore Nodes

The Explore page displays available nodes that you're eligible to claim. You can claim a node before the Start Date, but you'll have to wait until it's active to redeem the offer.

Claiming Nodes

View nodes from various venues in your city. If you're interested in an offer, and the Content Requests are fair for you to fulfill, press Claim.

If you press Claim, you're expected to redeem the node before the End Date, otherwise your account may be suspended.

Redeeming Your Complimentary Offer

Your claimed nodes will be displayed in the My Nodes screen. When you visit the venue to redeem your complimentary offer, display the offer and swipe the activate button.

Once you swipe Activate, you'll have one week to post and submit a photo.


After redeeming a node, you can submit your content through the My Nodes screen. Your most recent Instagram posts will be displayed for you to select the applicable photos/videos.

Be mindful of the Content Requests indicated by the venue, and be sure to include their hashtags.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritize engagement, audience size and overall content quality when verifying content creators for Node. In addition, all users must view and acknowledge our community rules and guidelines before accessing the platform.

Not at all. Once you're approved, Node is completely free to use. As well all of the products and experiences offered through Node are completely  free of charge and exclusively available to our community of content creators.

Depending on the venue, you may up bring up to 2 guests. The venue will indicate if an offer can be redeemed with guests.

No, your Instagram feed will automatically be displayed from the tab in Pending your My Nodes screen.  Select and submit photos from this screen after you've posted to Instagram.

We ask that you submit your content within one week after claiming the node.

We do not directly pay content creators for content, however we encourage you to create paid partnerships through the connections you build with brands participating in Node.

As well, the products and perks you'll receive through Node are always free of charge.

You can claim and redeem as many Nodes as you like. However keep in mind that you're expected to attend the venue before the End Date, and content should be posted to Instagram no longer than one week after the Node is redeemed.

We collect public information displayed on your Instagram page, including username, photos, follower/following count and engagement. We do not have access to your password or personal contact information. You can also remove your data from Node by visiting the 'Settings' page.


Node is a mobile platform that connects local businesses and brands with talented influencers. Each week we accept a limited number of content creators into our program. In the meanwhile, be on the lookout for our public release coming soon.