Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime you create a new node, influencers that you select will recieve a private invitation to redeem an item at your venue, in exchange for a high-quality Instagram post.

You can attract anywhere from 5-100 influencers at your venue, depending on the settings that you select when you create the node. All of the influencers will share photos/videos from their visit.

Influencers are evaluated individually, and must meet a criteria base before gaining access to the Node community.

  • Track-record of producing high-quality photo/videos.
  • Minimum of 2000 Instagram followers. However, we place greater emphasis on organic engagement and activity, as opposed to simply the number of followers.
  • We also avoid content creators that have a history of abusing or slandering businesses on Instagram or other social media sites.

Before accessing the Node app, influencers are required to agree to the terms and conditions, which includes the requirement of posting after claiming a node.

Since influencers must login to Node through their Instagram account, we have the ability to ban or penalize users that don't respect our community guidelines.

You'll have the ability to limit influencers that can view and redeem your nodes by audience size and distance from your address. The also lets you message and arrange your own terms with influencers that have previously redeemed your offers.

We don't encourage or rewards users to write public reviews. However many of the influencers in our community are also avid reviewers on sites such as Google, Yelp and Trip Advisor.

We believe that criticism should be constructive, especially when it comes to restaurants. That's why after an infuencer visits a restaurant and claims a node, they'll be required to share a review that's never public, and shared privately with the venue.

Not at all. Only influencers that have been verified and approved can view the offers on the Node app. In addition, your nodes will only be visible to influencers that meet the criteria you set when you're creating the offer.

Infuencers will have a voucher for the nodes they've claimed. In order to redeem an offer in-person an influencer must provide proof of this voucher from their My Nodes page.

You can close your account anytime without incurring additional fees. If you have any questions please call us at (1)416-900-4118 or send us an email at Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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