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How does Node work?

Influencers Join Node

Creators Join Node App

Creators download the Node app and get verified based on their content quality and engagement

Node App Businesses

Brands Post Products

Brands post products that creators can receive in exchange for sharing original content on Instagram

Creators Redeem Products & Shoot Content

Influencers choose brands they wish to support and create content upon receiving a free product or service

See what brands are saying

I’ve been really happy with the Node app so far, and they’ve been wonderful to deal with!

Squid T

Owner, The Shozan Room

I work with influencers, but getting more user generated content is key, which is why I’m on the app.

Mike Appugliese

Owner, Freshouse Juice Bar

The app is providing relief in terms of time spent creating social media content for our nearly 40,000 Instagram followers. We found that’s just paying off already in terms of time.

Anne Cerruti

Admin at Bobbette & Belle

After signing up, our Instagram just blew up. Influencers do have a big role, at least a significant impact, on a person’s business. People have come to the shop because they’ve seen posts and reviews of my donuts on Instagram, and they want to try them out.

Jitten Grover

Owner at Dipped Donut

Node is working amazing, loving the posts! Great app!

Kirsty Fox

Senior Operations Manager at The Marriot Hotel