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Node is an online platform that lets you exchange products
for content and reviews from verified influencers.

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Verified Influencers Only

All of the influencers on Node have been individually vetted and verified before accessing the app.

No Budget Required

Never pay for influencer posts again. Node lets you exchange products or services for content and reviews.

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Get Noticed by Customers

Our influencers will provide you with 9x more reach than an average Facebook or Instagram ad campaign.

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New Content On-Demand

Generate a constant stream of new videos and photos that feature your product or brand on Instagram.

How is Node Different?

✔ Influencer Marketing In Your Hands

The Node mobile app lets you find influencers, create collaborations and track all of the content that's produced.

✔ No Contracts or Commitments

There aren't any contracts or long-term commitments when you sign-up for Node. We'll even provide you with a refund if you don't see results!

✔ Accessible to Any Brand, Retailer or Restaurant

Node is an exchange platform that lets you work with influencers regardless of your product, size or budget.

✔ Built for Business Owners, Marketers and Agencies

Node can be used by any anyone who's seeking more content and exposure from influencers.

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