The Influencer Marketing App
for Food and Beverage Brands

We provide businesses and influencers with a platform
for collaborations and social media campaigns.

Average Monthly Results From Campaigns

Yellow Node Influencer with a check mark icon against a transparent background.

25 Influencer Visits

A yellow eye icon with a transparent background.

9x More Reach Vs Paid Ads

A yellow camera icon with a transparent background.

35+ New Photos and Videos

Yellow testimonial icon against a transparent background.

8,000+ Interactions

How it Works?

1. Create a Node

Indicate a menu item you're offering for Instagram posts. You can include a date range and invite specific influencers in your vicinity.

2. Track Influencers

For influencers to redeem their free item, they must visit your venue to create Instagram posts. Node let's you track influencers and their attendance.

3. Receive Content Directly

You'll be tagged on Instagram, in addition, the content shared from influencers will be stored for you to track and save from the Node app.

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