Flourish Pancakes


  • POSTS: 30
  • STORIES : 38
  • VIEWS: 130K+


Campaign Length: 4 weeks

Flourish Pancakes is a Canadian CPG brand that’s gained popularity amongst health enthusiasts and vegans across the country. They produce a unique and delicious pancake mix that is high in protein with non-GMO whole wheat flour. Their pancake mix can be purchased from their online store, and major retailers such as Whole Foods, Longo’s and Nature’s Emporium. 


As a highly active and growing brand on social media, Flourish Pancakes is constantly engaging with new influencers. Through Node, they sought to scale their creator collaborations and develop more relationships with health and lifestyle influencers in Canada.

Their node offered influencers two packages of their buttermilk protein pancake mix. Influencers were asked to show off their homemade Flourish Pancakes with their favourite toppings.

Over 25 influencers were selected for the campaign and the product was delivered by mail in a customized box with a hand-written letter. As a result, they generated over 60 posts featuring their product and over 20,000 interactions in under 2 weeks.