Ten Ren’s Tea


  • POSTS: 49
  • STORIES: 61
  • VIEWS: 130K+


Campaign Length: 7 weeks

Ten Ren is a Taiwanese tea and ginseng brand with over 2000 locations worldwide. They produce a wide variety of tea products while also operating retail stores, cafes and restaurants across North America and Asia. As well, their bubble tea drinks and products are widely popular among Asian influencers and consumers

Each month they release a new limited-time bubble tea item that is primarily promoted through social media and local influencers in the Asian community.


For each Node campaign, Ten Ren’s invites 10-30 influencers to enjoy a drink and food item at their various locations across Toronto. The influencer posts and stories are regularly shared through their company Instagram page and some of the photos are even used for signage at stores.

Furthermore, each campaign uses targeted hashtags and geo-tags which allows the Ten Ren’s marketing team to drive exposure to specific locations and new store openings.