Catkin Cosmetics

“Regal lipsticks inspired by Beijing's Summer”


Sector: Beauty

Duration: 2 Weeks

Plan: Starter

Impact of the Campaign

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  • 10Creators
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Campaign Story

Catkin is a handcrafted lipstick with uniquely inspired carvings that reflects Chinese art. The lipstick can be regarded as a brand of art, which separates it from the other cosmetics.

The company had the goal of entering the Canadian cosmetic industry with a new product. They were launching their lipstick line and were seeking beauty influencers to post about them as soon as possible.

They wanted to share the story behind their product line with their followers on social media, but they knew they needed people who could really connect with their audiences and showcase the product through engaging, unboxing videos.



Instead of using standard advertising channels such as Facebook and Instagram ads, Catkin decided to do something different in order to promote their product. Their objective was to gain authentic traffic from those who are passionate about makeup and beauty.

Their Node campaign consisted of 10 beauty influencers with the main goal being to increase product awareness for their red lipstick line. The influencers ranged from 5-15K followers and each creator was provided with one hand-carved Catkin lipstick to promote on their channels in any way they saw fit.

The micro-influencers became spokespeople for Catkin Cosmetics, reporting on their experiences with the new lipstick launch in a series of Instagram posts.


Video from Catkin’s Node campaign (shared by @soni_phoenix)

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