Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

When creating a node, you’re prompted with a variety of questions to customize your node. Eligible influencers who meet your requirements will receive a notification about your node and will be able to view/claim them. Influencers who don’t meet your requirements will not be able to view your campaign.

Of course! Be sure to appropriately credit them.

You can set a distance-based radius to target local influencers and their followings.

Yes! Just specify the promotion you’d like the influencers to mention along with the platform(s) that you’d like reviews from.

Node allows you to create as many campaigns & work alongside as many influencers as you’d like!


All of the influencers who claim your node are added to an RSVP list that shows their profile so you know who and how many influencers you can expect to visit your venue.

When they arrive, they will have a one-time use voucher that they swipe in front of your staff. This verifies that they’re an influencer from Node and it’s their first time claiming your campaign’s offerings. After this voucher has been swiped, influencers cannot re-use it for the same campaign.

Yes, the same process of creating a node applies to short-term events!

You can set a visit limit to the number of influencers that claim your campaign and visit your venue. Once the campaign reaches the maximum number of influencers that you’d like to collaborate with, the node closes for other eligible influencers and is unavailable for additional claims.

Additionally, you can request for certain days/time frames to be blacked out to avoid visits during busy periods from influencers.


The same process for creating and claiming nodes applies, however, rather than influencers receiving dishes from restaurants, they’ll be receiving your products.

Of course! Our platform consists of a variety of influencers ranging from lifestyle, athletes, foodies, beauty gurus and anything else you can think of!


Simply download our app from the iOS store (Node - Influencers) and sign into your Instagram. We’ll get back to you within 24-72 hours to verify your account.

Although the number of followers are important, we also take careful consideration into engagement analytics and quality of content.

Your home screen will show a list of nodes that you’re eligible to claim. If you’re interested in joining a campaign, you can claim the node. Claiming a node essentially “reserves” your spot to participate in the campaign, as many nodes often have limited availability.

To verify that you’re an influencer from Node, simply open the activation page and swipe the one-time use voucher in front of the staff when you go to redeem the offer — this indicates that you have visited the venue for the campaign. From there, enjoy your free food!

We’d be more than happy to review your account again. Feel free to shoot us an email at or message us on Instagram (

We currently have one in place for restaurant/brand referrals, but do not have one for influencer referrals. If you’d like to learn more about it, email us at

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