Away Kitchen & Cafe

“Super convenient! A smart way to connect with influencers and manage the interactions.”

- Roger Y. Owner of Away Kitchen and Cafe

Sector: Restaurant

Duration: 7 Days

Plan: Starter Plan

Impact of the Campaign

  • 13POSTS
  • 40K+VIEWS

Campaign Story

Away Kitchen & Café is a restaurant in Downtown Toronto, created by the team from Awai Restaurant.  They offer a unique vegan menu that offers all things fresh and healthy in a relaxed atmosphere. To promote the opening of their Queen Street West location, Away Kitchen + Café collaborated with Node to run a week-long campaign.


Away Kitchen + Café leveraged Node App’s vegan and vegetarian influencers to appeal to their niche audience. The campaign invited 12 influencers to capture photos of their plant-based pizzas. Their vegan pizzas were a hit and they achieved over 40k impressions and 4k interactions in 1 week. Over 20 different photos and Instagram stories were shared by vegan and vegetarian creators and their guests, tagging @awaykitchencafe.

This article highlights several vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the Toronto area, including Away Kitchen!

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