Centerpoint Mall

“Located in North York, Centerpoint Mall is one of the largest malls in Toronto with over 600,000 square feet of retail space.”


Sector: Shopping Mall

Duration: 3 Weeks

Plan: Starter

Impact of the Campaign

  • 13POSTS
  • 40K+VIEWS

Campaign Story

Centerpoint Mall is a shopping centre located in North York, Ontario. Since opening in 1966, Centerpoint Mall has expanded with over 140 retail stores including Uniqlo, No Frills, Hudson’s Bay, EB Games and Canadian Tire. The mall’s marketing team was seeking a streamlined method to use content creators in order to create new Instagram posts and stories during the holiday season.



For their Node campaign, 10 content creators received a $50 gift card to spend at stores in the mall. Additionally, they were asked to share 1 photo and 2 stories on their Instagram page, promoting the mall and tagging the stores they visited. The campaign generated over 40k views and 3.5k Likes/Comments through 25 posts. The content captured by Node’s creators were also used as marketing material for Centerpoint Mall.

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