Evio Beauty

“Evio Beauty is a luxury makeup and skincare line that aims to be kind, conscious and affordable.”


Sector: Beauty

Duration: 12 Days

Plan: Growth

Impact of the Campaign

  • 40KViews
  • 9Creators
  • 5KComments & likes
  • 10Posts Shared
  • 20Stories

Campaign Story

Evio is a beauty brand that is redefining the beauty industry by combining affordability and luxury. When launching their line at Hudson’s Bay, Evio wanted to generate content for their social platforms and to celebrate International Women’s Day.



Evio collaborated with some of Node’s beauty influencers for their campaign. In only 2 weeks, they were able to generate 23 photos and videos which brought in over 40,000 views and 5000 likes & comments. Each influencer was sent a gift box with several Evio products as well as handwritten cards to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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