Flaming Kitchen

“With 2 locations in Toronto and Markham, Flaming Kitchen is a teppanyaki restaurant with an extensive menu of sizzling plates an hotpot meals.”


Sector: Restaurant

Duration: 2 Weeks

Plan: Scale Plan

Impact of the Campaign

  • 35POSTS
  • 120K+VIEWS

Campaign Story

Flaming Kitchen is a restaurant chain that is known for their delicious sizzling dishes, which are extremely popular in Southeast Asian cultures. Management was seeking a cost-effective method to capture food photos for the restaurant’s menu. Node offered a fast and effective channel for the restaurant to work with local foodies in Toronto.


During the first week of December 2019, the restaurant used Node App to host 33 food bloggers at the Markham location. The creators captured over 50 images of menu items, including appetizers, entrées and desserts. These images were used by the restaurant as marketing collateral and social media content. Additionally, creators shared the posts on their social platforms, generating over 120k views and 11k likes and comments.

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