“Osmow’s is a chain of Mediterranean restaurants in Toronto that was established in 2001 with over 50 locations across Ontario.”


Sector: Restaurant

Duration: 3 Weeks

Plan: Growth Plan

Impact of the Campaign

  • 25POSTS
  • 58K+VIEWS

Campaign Story

Osmow’s is a fast-casual restaurant serving delicious Mediterranean classics. After launching the Halal Shawarma Poutine, Osmow’s wanted to work with influencers to promote their new product. Given that Osmow’s operates over 50 restaurants, they required a fast and economical method to generate exciting influencer content at their restaurant locations.


Osmow’s launched a 3-week Node campaign and invited 20 content creators to their Yonge and Eglinton location in downtown Toronto. The creators captured images of the Shawarma Poutine, which they shared on their social platforms over 60 times. This generated over 58k views and 7.3k Likes/Comments. Additionally, Osmow’s was able to use the content as marketing material to promote their new menu item.

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