Ten Ren’s Tea

“With 2000 locations worldwide, Ten Ren's Tea is a manufacturer, retailer and cafe operator with an extensive line of Taiwanese tea products.”


Sector: Beverage

Duration: 7 weeks

Plan: Growth Plan

Impact of the Campaign

  • 49POSTS
  • 130K+VIEWS

Campaign Story

Bubble tea has become a mainstream trend and is spreading thanks to boba influencers across North America.

Ten Ren’s Tea produces a wide variety of tea products which they sell in North America and Asia. Each month they release a new limited-time bubble tea item that is primarily promoted through social media influencers and local creators in the Asian community.


Ten Ren has run several campaigns through Node and each one involves 10-30 influencers. The influencers will visit various locations across Toronto, and capture images of various menu items.  The images captured by Node’s creators have been used as signage in Ten Ren’s stores, as well as marketing collateral and social media content.

The campaigns have also used targeted hashtags and geo-tags, which drive exposure to specific locations and new store openings. Throughout Ten Ren’s campaigns, Node’s creators have generated over 100 images with more than 130k views and 15k Likes/Comments.

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