Get Social Media Exposure with
Influencer Marketing

Let our network of verified food bloggers and
help you make a statement.

What We Can Do for You

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Gain Quality Content

Generate high-quality photos and videos that you can save and use for your own advertising channels.

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Create Word-of-Mouth

Build credibility and brand appeal from testimonials by influencers and bloggers that your customers trust.

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Elevate Your Reach

Spread your message through influencers that are eager to share your brand with their followers.

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Save Money

Save money on photography and advertising. Influencers will produce and share content in exchange for freebies.

How it Works

1. Create a Node

Indicate a produt or service you're offering in exchange for Instagram posts. You can include a date range and invite specific influencers in your vicinity.

2. Track Influencers

For influencers to redeem their free item, they must visit your venue to create Instagram posts. Node lets you track influencers and their attendance.

3. Receive Content Directly

You'll be tagged on Instagram and the content shared from influencers will be stored for you to track and save from the Node app.

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