Top 20 Micro Influencers to Follow in Toronto (Part 1)

By Node Team
March 19, 2021 - 5 minutes

Toronto has become immersed with micro influencers, bloggers and content creators. We’re definitely not mad about it! We’ve rounded up a list of the top 20 of our favs and up and coming Toronto-based Micro Influencers that you should definitely check out.

Foodies are a growing niche when it comes to influencers, with more and more restaurants, bakeries and CPGs looking to collaborate with them!

Please note that this not a ranking, and this list was not created in any particular order.

@whatishangry // 3k followers
Focussing on Toronto, Markham and Vaughan, Anna’s feed is colourful and upbeat with a diverse selection of food content. She showcases breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks and beverages ranging from home-cooked meals and delicious recommendations from restaurants. 

@Meetandeats@meetandeats // 26.6k followers
Blogger, food maker and explorer, Alice started her journey in 2012. Not only does Alice capture bold food images but also has a website – that goes more in depth of her food adventures and reviews!

@cfooodie@cfooodie // 34.4k followers
With a vibrant and mouth-watering feed, Carmen never fails to deliver quality content. Are you a bubble tea fanatic? Well Carmen’s page is the perfect place for you, as she has probably visited and reviewed every bubble tea spot in the GTA!

@makrhamfoodie@markhamfoodie // 21.2k followers
Bonnie and Frank are Markham based foodies that spotlights a variety of great eats across the GTA. Their photos are consistent and well-lit. Plus. Plus, they actually take the time to write insightful reviews and feedback in their IG captions.

@Feedmyphone@feedmyphone // 49.3k followers
Patrick is a long-time purveyor of Toronto’s foodie scene and probably one of the first influencers to organize media events for restaurants in Toronto. Follow him to find good eats and insider-scoop on some of Toronto’s new restaurant openings!

@food.diva // 20.5k followers
Lifestyle and foodie influencer, Anna has a definite eye for detail. Her bright content is amazing, and her food flat-lays are a personal favorite of ours!

@foodelventures@foodelventures // 10.9k followers
When it comes to food, Liyan really knows what’s up! In addition to being a pioneer of the Markham food scene, she studies Food Sciences at the University of Guelph.  You might run into her at some of the newest openings spreading good vibes and capturing mouth-watering photos. // 21.7k followers
Jo is a GTA Based foodie and one half of Jo-join Instameets. She’s no newcomer to Toronto’s food scene and has been working with restaurants to organize media events with influencers since 2017.

@theeverydayfoodie@theeverydayfoodie // 32.1k followers
Theeverydayfoodie is a digital content creator that loves to travel and blog about restaurants in Toronto. This content creator never fails to capture amazing high-quality DSLR shots, and has a range of dynamic shots of food in this feed that always leaves us hungry.

@devondine@devondine // 19.9k followers
Devon does not only shoots beautiful out-of-focus food content, but shares his photography tips in each post. He posts his daily tasting on his stories and gives us an experience as if we’re right there with him.

@foodie.fob // 24.9k followers
Whether it’s an acrobatic cheese-pull or the perfect syrup pour, Johnny never seizes to amaze us with his food choreography. This account is a must-follow if you’re looking to brush-up on your food photography and editing skills

@ajthetechnologist // 6.5k followers
A foodie who also shares some lifestyle and beauty content, AJ’s mouth-watering feed is diverse and versatile. Her collabs have ranged across different types of foods and cuisines, with beautifully-captured images that showcase the essence of every brand she works with.

@eatnmingle@eatnmingle // 14.7k followers
Rey is a skillful photographer and food blogger with an eye for detail! From cheese pulls to action shots, Rey never fails to capture a clean and polished image.

@hangry_foodies@hangry_foodies // 13.9k followers
Anh has a keen eye for photography and an obvious sense for delicious tasting food. She often shares multiple high quality captures in a carousel post that gives us a close-up view at the food-filled moment.

@hypebelly@hypebelly // 10.3k followers
Hypebelly’s Instagram brings a different cool feel than most foodies. The high contrast tones add mystery to his photos. In addition, his unique style of photography is captivating and keeps us interested every-time!

@mrsocialeats@mrsocialeats // 12.4k followers
Kiefer is a talented photographer and a champion of the Brampton/Mississauga restaurant scene. He regularly visits local venues, capturing mouth-watering videos in his Instagram stories. You’ll also appreciate the motivational life-tips he drops occasionally in his stories.

@instantonium@instantonium // 12.9k followers
Anthony knows how to work the camera, and you can tell from the close-up action shots, he’s no amateur. He often showcases a variety of options at each restaurant, while giving us an in-depth review of his personal favorites. We love hearing about the details!

@tofoodblogger // 38.8k followers
Getting perfect exposure is the key to capturing a crisp and detailed photo, and Ravi is an expert at capturing the perfect angles. His captions are also well-articulated, and often include an in-depth review of the dishes featured in his posts.  

@Carmen_@ccarmen_  // 14.2k followers
Carmen’s vibrant page covers all things food and travel! As well, her captions are always informative and detailed. If there’s a new Toronto spot you want to check out, Carmen’s page is the place to get an early peek.

@boltonsbites // 31.6k followers
Bolton’s a true connoisseur of the Toronto’s restaurant scene, and he’s probably been to every Pho spot in the city. His Instagram photos are nothing short of mouth-watering, and you’ll never get bored browsing through his hilarious mukbang videos.


Toronto Influencers (cont’d)

When we created the first iteration of this list last year, it generated some great feedback from the influencer community. A few people noted that it wasn’t definitive – this made us realize that we need to make a more comprehensive list.

If we’re being honest, it’s nearly impossible to list all of Toronto micro-influencers, but we’re constantly growing our network at Node and being introduced to new creators. This list will change and grow as more influencers come to light.

See part 2 for an extended list of Toronto influencers to follow and contact for your next collaboration


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